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  1. This is such great news!


    Pretty much the only forms of Western literature that don’t use hyphenation are children’s books and websites. Until now. Yesterday’s release of Firefox 6 and last month’s release of Safari 5.1 on OS X Lion mean that two browsers now support CSS 3 hyphenation.

    Turning on hyphenation is…

  2. This was a loooooong time coming, but I’m so glad it’s been added!

  3. jQuery Mobile First Look

    The good folks at Packt Publishing are sending me a copy of jQuery Mobile First Look to read and hopefully eventually review. I’m stoked they asked because I really need to improve my knowledge of mobile app development. Hopefully the content is not too far above my current skill level, we shall see.

  4. cameronmoll:

    Footage from 11 countries combined as if filmed in a single location. Imagine the coordination it took to pull this off. See also LEARN and EAT.

    /via @scottharrison

  5. Windmill (Taken with instagram)

    Windmill (Taken with instagram)

  6. jonathanmoore:

    Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

    Fascinating and beautifully designed infographic on the recent Stuxnet virus that was used to cripple Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities last summer.  With the design of the virus combined with stolen security clearances and twenty zero days holes, Stuxnet was able to cause some serious damage and set back Iran’s efforts.  Now that the virus is open-source and available for download, the question is who be the next to use Stuxnet with its capables of shutting down nuclear reactors or oil pipelines.

    The direction and animation of this infographic was done by Australian motion designer Patrick Clair and written by Scott Mitchell

  7. Evening stroll (Taken with instagram)

    Evening stroll (Taken with instagram)

  8. If you are looking for some creative ideas for your resume, this site will do the trick.

  9. jonathanmoore:

At nearly 21 million blogs, Tumblr finally has more blogs than
Congrats Tumblr!


    At nearly 21 million blogs, Tumblr finally has more blogs than

    Congrats Tumblr!

  10. Lost Type is a font foundry with a different spin. They have some really great looking fonts on a “pay what you want” cost basis. So you can pay $0, or as much as you think the font is worth. 100% of the sales go directly to the designer of the font. It’s a cool idea, that I hope takes off for these guys.